Blast from the past

I did a review of some old Google accounts today and found the text below on a Google+ page. Do you remember Google+? It was Google’s attempt to set up a social media platform using text and images.

Two things struck me. Firstly how even the big players try things then find that they do not work out as they had hoped so abandon an idea and try something else instead. Secondly how other things don’t change very much because I wrote that a 2 or 3 years before I started working on the God’s Lily site.

No one in their right mind would call Google a failure but not everything it has tried has worked. They float ideas and then after a while some of them sink without a trace. Times change. What they are happy to develop or work on changes. When they announce that they are going to stop providing a service they normally manage to upset those people who are really happy with the service that they provide. Yet how many of us stop doing something or change direction but then beat ourselves up because we have had to do this because our earlier attempts have not achieved what we expected them to achieve.

It surprised me how this much of this text from the introduction I wrote for an old Google+ page still applies.

Educator and transformational guide

There was one person who I wanted to see transformed but they were unwilling to change. Nothing anyone could say helped them overcome the issues that were keeping them captive. They just did not catch the vision of what their life could be like if only… I look at them and their situation now and it is heartbreaking but they are the one who made the choices that led to them being in that situation.

This was a good training ground. I picked up loads of theory and saw lots of techniques in action. There were the medical helpers with their drugs that offered hope but at the same time the side effects were not always pleasant. Hardly surprising when you realise that the word pharmacy is comes from a Greek word that has associations with poison in Greek. There were the counsellors who tried to help but could do little without co-operation. Many different counsellors with many different perspectives but little if any co-operation meant little or no change.

Looking back that was a tremendous training ground.  I learned lots of theory about how to help people to change. I learnt most importantly that there is only one person that I can change and that is me. I can guide and help people find transformation but ultimately it is our own choice our own responsibility.

My choice of escape route

There comes a time when come to the end of our tether, or we snap, or come to the end of the rope or the final straw is put on the camel’s back. Whatever we call it we come to a decision point. I did in spring 2005. I screamed at God saying I was stuck get me out of here so that I can serve you better.

WOW that was the start of a journey. I had resisted divorce for years but then found myself being divorced anyway. Strangely looking back there were some things that happened which seemed to suggest that I was being organised into this new legal status and protected from the worst effects of it.

I can look back and see there were a variety of helpers who appeared along the way, counsellors educators, practical helpers. Yet the most important thing was that I had the opportunity to put the theory I had learnt into practise on myself.

It was more than just practise though I researched and gathered materials so that I could become as prepared as possible to be able to reach out and guide others through transition. My aim is to help others (including you) find deliverance from the things that have kept them bound so that they can reach the end of slavery, escape captivity, find true liberty and begin a new life.

How do you make this work in practise?

I used to teach adults to use computers so it made sense to use computers to teach adults. One definition of learning is that it is a permanent change in behaviour. I started to explore different ways offering online learning. Some were more effective than others

I needed a legal structure and a business format was the only one I could us so Lily the Pink Education Community Interest Company was born. The answer to the prayer God what do you want this business to become came in a dream about Lily’s Place.

Lily’s Place is where people in mental distress can come and find everything they need to start a new life. There is education for those struggling to read or do arithmetic. There is training for those who need to find a way of earning enough money to provide for their needs. There are practical helps for those struggling to start a new home. There is spiritual help for those who want to be adopted into God’s family and receive the additional benefits that this brings such as a close relationship with God that makes it possible to do things that otherwise would be impossible.

How on earth could that dream come true?

It definitely sounds more like the work of a national government than a small business. How on earth can one woman do all of that? God never asks people to do small things but that really does sound crazy. What’s worse there is that prophecy that includes the statements “You are my saviour of many people and churches.” and “My deliverer of millions” How on earth will those superhuman impossible targets ever be met? The answer to those questions is I don’t know but I will go forwards step by step and see what happens.

Here are some of my ideas how it could happen.

  • Raising up people to run their own social action projects by developing training and mentoring programmes.
  • Enabling people to become financially self-sufficient in such a way that they have either the time to volunteer to help run these programmes or the money to support those who do run them. This would probably involve supporting those who were setting up or developing a business.
  • Developing a program to help those who are in mental distress to recover sufficiently to take part in these other programmes.
  • Working in partnership with people who want to do the same thing and have a similar motivation. This includes developing joint venture and affiliate relationships.
  • Developing an awareness program that shows the changes that could come about by using these approaches.

I have set up Lily’s Online Place It has various rooms plus a garden and even an orchard. This is where I have collected the links to my various online activities.  Look out for the Money Extravaganzas I have planned.

Here are some reasons why you should circle me

  1. You are curious about what this member of a church associated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain is up to and want to stay in touch.
  2. Your dreams of helping people in difficulty turn their lives around resonate with mine.
  3. You have you already started to make progress on doing some of the things that I have been dreaming about doing and know that we would be a good fit to work together in the future.
  4. You are curious about how this church thing mixes with the business world.
  5. You want to know more about this transformational journey for yourself.

What next?

Who knows where this journey will end but you are welcome to come along with me.

The present situation

I tried keeping the legal framework going for a quite some time. In the beginning there was a reasonably simple way of dealing with the official paperwork. Then they changed it and you really needed to know what you were doing to make it work and I struggled. In the end I shut down the legal entity but kept the dream and tried to make it work in a different way.

When I dissolved the legal entity I kept the domain names associated with it but directed them at a new website. This site rose out of the ashes of sites that had problems and that were in part resolved by changing web hosts.  The dream and the broad sweep of the things that are needed to make that dream into a reality ideas have not changed very much. The fine detail of what would be needed to bring it to reality has changed somewhat. It is as if the destination has stayed the same but the means of getting there has changed a bit.

It would be rather pointless trying to circle me on Google+ now but if any of those reasons why you should circle me apply to you then have a good hunt around this website. If you like what you see then and just want to stay in touch then sign up to receive notification of future entries in the journal using the form at the side of each page.

If you are ready to take the next step and explore the training that is on offer then have a look around the God’s Lily Training website.  If you like what you see then you will be able to enrol on the training programme.

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