The best invitation you will ever get

WOW that is some claim but by the time you get to the end of what I am about to explain you will understand why I don’t believe that this claim is exaggerated in any way. If you have already accepted this invitation you will understand what I mean.

One of the things that they say you need to do when you are making an offer is to explain the benefits of the offer so that it is obvious just how valuable it is. Then you tell people what the cost is. I am going to do this the other way around and tell you that this is a free gift. It does not cost you anything. There is a cost, but not one that you have to pay but more about that later.

The benefits

Imagine being invited to join the family of a benevolent king. One who offers you all sorts of privileges and helps you do and achieve all sorts of things. You get the best advice in the world. You get the support you need to be the person you were designed to be.

There is help to attain the sort of purity that is mentioned on this site again and again. There is the strength that you need to overcome those troublesome problems that make your life a misery.

The cost

In some ways this is the tricky bit. As you can imagine the cost of all those benefits is sky high. In fact there is a school of thought that says that the cost of them was too much for us to pay.

So how come it is free? Imagine a king so desperate for you to become one of His adopted children that He was willing to do anything to make this possible. So desperate that He made a way for that cost to be paid. All anyone had to do was accept the need for someone to pay that cost and then to accept that someone had paid it for them.

How was the price paid?

That is the story of the passion. Yes the Passion of the Christ film was not fiction. Well, there was an element of unreality about it as it did not show just how tough an experience it really was.

The idea was that every little bit of unpleasantness was purpose designed so that there was something that could be swapped for some of the unpleasantness you have experienced. Been betrayed so was Jesus the Christ. Been mocked or sworn at so was He. Been falsely accused or abused so was Jesus. Been beaten up physically or emotionally so was He. I must admit that I did not recognise all this at first. IT dawned on me it by bit.

Some price that was paid on our behalf.