About this Lily the Pink

Why Lily the Pink? Susan means lily and when trying to think of a business name the 1960s pop song came to mind. That song was about the original Lily the Pink and when her story was discovered it was realised what a good role model she would make for this business.

Like the original Lily the Pink, Susan looked at what she could already do and came up with a plan to help her turn her circumstances around. Susan’s sewing, knitting and crochet skills had been used to clothe herself and her family for over 25 years as well as being used to decorate her home and church. One difference is that Lydia was a Presbyterian whereas Susan is a member of a different denomination of non-conformist church.

Susan learned the basics of knitting from her maternal grandmother, the basics of crochet from her paternal grandmother and the basics of dressmaking at school. However, one of her concerns is that in recent years, the opportunities to learn such skills have decreased as fewer and fewer people have the time to share their skills with the younger generations. This is why as well as selling the things she has made she has wanted to provide opportunities for other people to learn to crochet things for themselves.

Not content with developing one business idea she came up with a second. After talking to some friends who were still teaching she found out how to develop online courses. She had developed a course called Surviving a Household Emergency and had it accredited with the Open College Network. All that was needed was to change the way the same material was taught.

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