Thanks for dropping by my website it is good to make a connection, at last. This web site is all about helping people (and churches) be all that they can be.

Over the last 30 years I have seen some deary specimens. All too often church is a place where a small group of pensioners read the service book. It means something to them but for me this is pointless exercise. For some reason if they do have a visitor they rarely return.

It saddens me there is so much more life that can be found in some churches than others. I suppose part of the issue is that some churches are not sure what they could be like or should  be like. Another thing is that even if they know that there could or should be more they have learnt to tolerate what they have and not to expect any more in their church.

The thing is churches are made up of people. People who even if they want more from the experience of church have learnt to tolerate what they have. This is what it is like and to be honest they are probably wary or possibly even scared of anything else.

The good news is that it does not have to be like that. There is more to church life than simply going along and reciting from a book. For those who love the words and find that they speak to them no matter how often they say them please forgive me. There again even if that is the case you may still feel that there is more to church life than what you are currently experiencing.

This site is for those who want more. It is for the people who are hungry for change in their lives and in their churches.

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