9a How could this work in practice?

You have already seen the first thing in action. That is the idea of collaborating on recognising and using biblical principles. After all, there was that quotation from Lance Wallnau from a list of 50 Commands of Christ that he has found useful in the secular arena. The first twenty-five of them are easy to

5g Why does that practical helps thing work?

It makes it look as though the church has something to offer those around them. If people have their needs met by someone they will get to know them. Once they get to know them they will find out if they like them and once they like them they will move on to trusting them.

5f How does this relate to these concerns?

Do you remember the old man who was concerned about the lost? He would be ecstatic to see people ready to cross the line into everlasting life. Those in the prayer meeting would be happier once those who came across to the right-hand side and joined them were able to do things to help them,

5d What about the Great Commission?

The first followers of Jesus were told to go and make new followers and to teach them all the things that they knew about Him.[i] What do we think that teaching people to do what Jesus did means? Does it mean that the best and possibly only work that can be done is within the

2f Politics and elections

In 2016 there were two surprising election results. No one really believed that the UK would vote to leave Europe but those campaigned to leave won enough votes for this to happen. It took a while before the formal negotiations started but by April 2017 they were underway. In the same way, few believed that

Why bother trying to build a fair society?

The aim of this site is to speak out for those struggling to build a fair society. The strange thing is that this is what God’s Lily is about but it is only a small piece of the things that concern me. If you have explored the pages in the menu and read about Lily’s

Worship Tools

Back in 2003 I went to a conference and came back thoroughly frustrated. I realised that I had learnt a lot more about flags than many of the people there but I did not have the opportunity to share what I had learnt. When I came back it struck me that I knew how to make a website

Surviving a Household Emergency

This is an updated version of one of the first websites that I ever created. It is sort of on the backburner but it still contains valuable information for anyone looking to protect themselves in an uncertain world. You can check it out at Surviving a Household Emergency  I thought I would be able to use it