Gathering up enough for 6 months

About 2 months ago had a prompting to gather up food for six months. OK that seemed odd and to be honest the more I have thought about it the more odd it seems. After all in 1999 in the run up to the Millennium I only gathered 3 months supplies. OK there were two

Cleaning up time

Cleaning up time could mean one of two things. It could mean time for a clean up which sounds pretty normal. Or there is the less normal idea of time being the thing that needs cleaning up. I am thinking about the idea of time being the thing that needs cleaning up. I had better

Oops A holiday?

Well it does look as if I have had a holiday but it is not quite the holiday that I would have wanted. In recent posts I have been writing about the adventures I have had on the journey towards fulfilling my calling. I started with a post called Free will makes life frustrating where I reviewed

The Savvy Wife – book

I was going to call this the Virtuous (and Successful) Woman but there was one problem ladies took one look at the title and thought this is not me. I am not sure if I am successful and I am definitely not sure if I am virtuous. They did not quite get it that the

Is it a calling or a battle?

In the previous two posts I have written about the trials and tribulations I have faced since I thought I was called to be a minister. I had reached a dead end but then something happened to make me realise that I was facing an obstacle that could be overcome rather than the end of

The Good Samaritan

I was in a Facebook group where we were having a discussion about the fact that there are some women who have experienced difficult circumstances who had found that the church was the last place where they got real help and support. Someone then mentioned The Good Samaritan and reminded us that the person who

Free will makes life frustrating

Free will sounds like a good idea until we get blocked by someone else’s free will. I was in that situation for about 20 years. There was something I wanted to do the choices someone else made meant that I could not do it and that was definitely frustrating. The story starts when I was

It is not fair

It is not fair what I see as the reasoning behind developing Lily’s Place is not what other people think is important. You see the way I saw things the important thing was to be ready so when all hell broke lose there was somewhere for people to go. What I saw was a world