Why do things this way? part one

I went to the open day of a Christian organisation running community projects recently. I saw them drawing together volunteers and money to run a number of projects that helped the community. They were doing good work supporting people with a variety of needs. Their resources (i.e. people, money and time) were largely gifts from

Food storage course released

Last Friday night I was watching the TV when and I heard someone predict that over the next two years there would be increasing food shortages even in the UK. It was even suggested that we would be approaching a famine situation. My ears pricked up and I wondered what on earth we should expect next. I had


Do you find technology frustrating? I know I do at times. I know what I want to do and think I have found a way to do.it. I then try putting that plan into action and it all goes wrong. this is exactly what happened to out web presence during April and May. working out


Thank you for dropping by to see what we are doing at the moment. Come on in and look around and see what you think. Our online learning materials We have set up some web sites that you can access to find a variety of learning resources. There are videos, mp3 files, workbooks even some