Holiday binge

Holidays are a time for overdoing it and binge eating aren’t they? This past week it has not been so much binge eating as binge learning. Every so often I find myself reading, listening or watching a series of materials that come together to create a whole new paradigm of thinking. It is not deliberate

Fairness or inequality?

Is there really a difference between fairness and inequality? Believe it or not there are some things that seem unequal but when you look deeper they are actually fair. Think about it this way. You give two people exactly the same amount of money one day and a week later they have different amounts of

Only having one piece of the puzzle is frustrating

It is surprising how many people want to do something practical to help others but are frustrated by only having one piece of the puzzle. What happens then is that the people who are familiar with the idea of providing homes to rent think wouldn’t it be a good idea to help some of the

NHS and mental distress

We often think that the NHS is there to help us with mental illness or even just mental distress but there are limits to the help that it can provide. My interest in the area of mental distress came from personal experience. I was struggling to cope with home family and marriage and wondering how

Relieving the pressure on the NHS

My recent adventures have left me with a greater appreciation of the need to relieve the pressure on the NHS. When I went home the ward I was on was closed to new admissions. They were so short staffed that if something went wrong then they could not have coped. They set things up so

Frustrations and distractions

As I write this it is Thursday and I have been so distracted by doing stuff that I am looking at my jobs to do list and it is growing rather than shrinking. It is a perennial issue with me. It is like being on a hamster wheel busy busy busy but never getting anywhere.

Gathering up enough for 6 months

About 2 months ago had a prompting to gather up food for six months. OK that seemed odd and to be honest the more I have thought about it the more odd it seems. After all in 1999 in the run up to the Millennium I only gathered 3 months supplies. OK there were two

Cleaning up time

Cleaning up time could mean one of two things. It could mean time for a clean up which sounds pretty normal. Or there is the less normal idea of time being the thing that needs cleaning up. I am thinking about the idea of time being the thing that needs cleaning up. I had better

Oops A holiday?

Well it does look as if I have had a holiday but it is not quite the holiday that I would have wanted. In recent posts I have been writing about the adventures I have had on the journey towards fulfilling my calling. I started with a post called Free will makes life frustrating where I reviewed

The Savvy Wife – book

I was going to call this the Virtuous (and Successful) Woman but there was one problem ladies took one look at the title and thought this is not me. I am not sure if I am successful and I am definitely not sure if I am virtuous. They did not quite get it that the