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  S usan’s journey of faith started while at school. The first Bible she had was bought because the school she went when she was 9 years old insisted that she had one of her own. Not just any old Bible but a modern translation of the New Testament that she could actually make sense

Susan’s dream community

Susan’s dream community I magine a Christian community that worked together to meet the needs of the people around them. Some knew how to earn more money than they needed to survive and gave away the remainder to the community’s projects. In fact, loads more money so that they could fund many different projects. Some

chapter 8 making a fresh start

Chapter 8 Making a fresh start I started in Chapter 1 by looking at some of the problems around us that need solving. After that came a look at what the church as individuals and as a community could be doing to solve those problems. The process of making a fresh start All the way

8? Is this really a new idea

IS THIS REALLY A NEW IDEA? Not really. The thing that has changed is the increased focus on gaining influence and using it wisely. One argument for this approach is that if others have done this or are trying to do it and as a result, Christians have lost ground. It is time Christians became

Introducing The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

According to my dictionary, a manifesto is the public, written declaration of the intentions, opinions or motives of a sovereign, a leader, party or body. It is the document they have gathered together their ideas so that they can share them with others. My head was whirling with ideas. Those who know me know that

9kYet some still are not fed

There are some opportunities to learn but they are not always easy to find. I have ended up going to the south coast of England and the east coast of Scotland to chase after opportunities. Few are willing to make the investment in time and money to travel and attend such courses. OK I know

Holiday binge

Holidays are a time for overdoing it and binge eating aren’t they? This past week it has not been so much binge eating as binge learning. Every so often I find myself reading, listening or watching a series of materials that come together to create a whole new paradigm of thinking. It is not deliberate