Hello everyone

Thanks for coming to have a look at my website. I am so pleased to see you. You are ALL welcome.

Why should you listen to me?

I have been frustrated time and time again for a variety of reasons.

  1. I have looked around and seen a variety of needs and wondered what I can do to meet them.
  2. I have struggled to persaude others to do things with me, especially leaders.
  3. I accidentally stumbled on an idea that worked really well. It was so simple and adaptable that it will have you wondering why you did not think of it yourself.
  4. I have spent years researching ideas and growing my own ideas.

What do I have to offer?

Blackpool  rock
Blackpool Rock wrapped and ready for sale

The aim of this site is to share all that I have learnt. The idea of finding ways to help free those who are stuck in some way is written all the way through me like Blackpool rock. That shows my UK bias doesn’t it? This picture shows the the end of some sticks of seaside rock, a sweet treat I remember from my childhood.

For those outside the UK Blackpool is a seaside resort and one of the things it is famous for are its rock factories. Those outside the UK would possibly call what they make stick candy rather than seaside rock. One factory used to, and for all I know, still does welcome visitors. There was a viewing window so we could see the factory floor and watch skilled confectioners take pieces of hot dough like stuff and write the name of seaside places in strips of red so that the name stood out from the white centre of the rock. A coloured layer was put round the outside before the hot candy was stretched and pulled so that it went from about 12 inches in diameter to about 1 inch. It was then cut into pieces and wrapped in cellophane so you could see the colour of the outside layer as well as the name inside the stick. You would break off a piece and the name or picture could still be seen. It literally went all the way through the stick of rock. That is why I say helping people who are stuck is written right the way through me like Blackpool rock.


That is why I trained as a teacher and even gained a business start up qualification. That is a story in its own right (see my prison dream post) As a teacher I wanted to helped those who struggled to do basic things like use a computer as I saw that this would increase their ability to do things that some of us take for granted. I was a slo a support tutor in basic skills classes, helping people improve skills like reading, writing and arithmetic aka the 3 Rs.


Writing comes relatively easy for me so I started writing a blog (read the journal on this site) and ended up writing a book or two (or is it six?) (see the book page). Someone told me that writing a book is how an author collates ideas and in the process transforms themselves. Given the number of books I have wirtten I must have needed a lot of transformation! Or was it that I needed to collate  ideas on particular topics.

Community Groups Midwife

Read that carefully as it might not be what you think. A midwife is a trained professional, often with a background in nursing, who provides specialist care for expectant mothers and their unborn child. They help the mother prepare for the birth and support the mother not just during the delivery but also for a few days afterwards. It is then the turn of different medical professionals to care for the child. Occasionally they have to help the parents recover from a still birth or miscarriage or start the journey of supporting a child that is not all that they had hoped for. In other words, they are those who deal with a variety of issues related to the start of life or in my case the start of a community group.

You know what a community group is don’t you? A group of people that come together to meet a specific need within the community. It could be a food bank that provides food for those who would otherwise go hungry. It could be a crochet group where people learnt new skills and support each other through the challenges and triumphs of life.

A community groups midwife is someone who is experienced and trained in helping those who have an idea for a community group bring it to life, They walk along side those who are developing the idea and then help them launch a community group that has the best chance of thriving for the long term.

Some of that experience has been gained by setting up a community group or two and a social enterprise or two. One of the community groups is Broken Pencils (click here to go to the website). I set up Everyone CAN Craft as a social enterprise and it has become a test project. (visit the Everyone CAN Craft Website) I am testing different selling different platforms for selling print on demand items and craft resources. There is even a course for those who want to get further involved in using crafts to help others.

Everyone is welcome but…

God’s Lily is a nickname and I have been told that this site is “too girly” for men. That is no problem as women visit sites that are too manly for them and still benefit from them. I cannot help but write from a woman’s perspective because I am a woman. On the other hand, we can often benefit from looking at things from a number of different perspectives.

Yes God’s Lily not anyone else’s flower. This site is for those who are at peace with the Christian faith. That does not mean that only Christians will find this site valuable. Far from it. It just means that you need to be comfortable with looking at things from a Christian perspective. Some people are very surprised at some of the ideas that are in the bible. There are pages and pages of practical wisdom that just make sense and have nothing at all to do with what many of us would call religion.

Today I live in the most prosperous part of an fairly average county here in the UK. However I have lived in one of the less prosperous areas of the country i.e. north east England. Today it is obvious to me that the micro-culture of north east Wales is very different to the micro culture of north east England. For starters, they serve different things at buffets as ham and pease pudding sandwiches are common in NE England and unheard of in NE Wales. There again you rarely find packets of Welsh Cakes in the supermarkets in NE England.

The other reality is that I am a women who is nearer retirement age than she would like to admit. I have gained a few grey hairs and loads of stories on that journey.

Enough of me. It is time for you to go and explore this website. Have a look around. If you like what you see sign up to join the email list for the Friends of God’s Lily so that you can keep in touch with developments.

God bless you

(AKA God’s Lily)

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